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Our Mission

We create and develop cost-effective and sustainable flavors by using four pillars: KAST-Knowledge, Artistry, Science and Technology. We believe successful innovation happens with unique knowledge of combining arts, science and technology, by using fewer ingredients in the formulations and streamlining the production process. We are firm believers of the Kaizen (Japanese word meaning constant improvement) philosophy to be competitive.


Looking for a First-Class Savor & Flavor Specialist?

Who We Are

The Savorx Flavors was founded by certified flavorist and food scientist Dr. Belayet Choudhury.

He is an innovative and entrepreneurial flavor creation leader who had enhanced customer brand equity throughout his career in the industry. He has expertise in all segments of flavor creation namely bakery, beverage, confectionary, dairy, pharmaceuticals, savory, snacks and taste modulations.

The Savorx Flavors will focus on collaborating with the small and mid-size companies in their product development and commercialization. The company will be working on vegan, Halal, meatless products and other emerging and evolving areas.

Where We Are

Our operations are located in an industrial facility in Somerset, NJ.

We conduct flavor development, scale up, and production runs.

We produce products with other certifications including, but not limited, to Kosher, Halal, Organic compliant, and Non-GMO.

Flavor Forms:

  • Liquid flavors
      • Water soluble
      • Oil soluble
      • Emulsions
  • Powder flavors
      • Spray-dried
  • Paste flavors

Flavor Processes:

  • Compounding
  • Blending
  • Extraction
  • Maillard reaction and thermal processing
  • Fermentation and Enzymology
  • Spray drying

Our Laboratory

408 Elizabeth Ave,
Somerset, NJ 08873



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